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Inspiring a #NoSmoke generation through storytelling on social media


USD in earned PR Value 


Total organic reach, 1M total interactions 


User-generated content, 3.4K total engaged users 


Help RELX penetrate the competitive, highly regulated, and more conservative APAC e-cigarette market. 


To develop and launch the first-ever RELX social media account, providing users a platform to share their #NoSmoke stories and help the brand promote a #NoSmoke world 

What We Did

To promote RELX’s vision of a #NoSmoke world, we encouraged users to share their #NoSmoke stories on social media, inspiring more people to make the switch. 


Just a few months after the start of our campaign on social media, RELX has already started seeing stellar results. Its total organic reach grew to 8.3M with 1M interactions, 3.4K total engaged users, and 6.7K total generated content on social media, earning the brand $172M in PR value.  

RELX Testimonial

Strategy, creative and providing solutions are Greenpark’s core strength. Greenpark understands where the world of marketing is going and executed it creatively, effectively and efficiently. In markets where speed and scale are required and rewarded Greenpark does that in style.

John Caro, Head of Marketing SEANA at RELEX International

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