Greenpark announces key promotions for three talented women across Strategy, Social Media, and Creative divisions. These promotions show Greenpark’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive leadership team.

Greenpark prioritizes promoting homegrown talent. Over 41% of employees have been with the agency for more than three years, and 19% have been promoted within the last year alone—a testament to Greenpark’s nurturing environment.

talent growth and retention at greenpark apac
Over 41% of employees have been with the agency for more than three years.

Que Ramli, embodies this success story, having flourished within the agency since 2019. She takes the helm as Head of Strategy, APAC. In this role, Que will lead strategic initiatives, drive innovation, and spearhead Greenpark Asia’s market growth. Her focus on integrating data and creativity will further sharpen the agency’s offerings for clients.

“Witnessing Greenpark Asia growth since 2019 has been amazing! We constantly push creative boundaries to stay ahead of the curve. Fe’s vision fosters a diverse, collaborative environment that makes Greenpark a great place to grow. That’s why I’m still here!”

Jianne Orcelada, previously the Country Social Lead for the Philippines, steps up to Deputy Head of Social, APAC. She will expand her expertise beyond the Philippines to drive social innovations and champion best practices across the region.

“I’m invested in the business of creating curious leaders. Fostering an environment of discovery where innovation thrives beyond the social space is what excites me. Collaboration and creativity are the cornerstones of everything we do,” said Jianne.

Trina Enriquez, a “storyseller” who weaves narratives to create meaningful connections between brands and audiences; is promoted to Associate Creative Director, APAC. She will champion creative synergy by developing strategic and impactful campaigns.

“My North Star: To be a mentor, not a boss! I can’t wait to learn from and empower our team to become fearless, creative leaders. Together, we’ll craft strategic and impactful campaigns that inspire!” said Trina.

Greenpark Asia’s Managing Director and Campaign Asia’s Women Leading Change: Innovator of the Year 2023, Fe Husaint believes a culture of opportunity fosters growth and talent retention.

“’We plant the seeds, nurture them, and watch them flourish,” she says. “This set of women leaders proves excellence has no gender.”

#WomenLeadTheWay In Greenpark Asia, women hold 78% of total leadership roles; 100% of head leadership roles and 62% of manager positions. Fe Husaint has always been a purveyor of this inclusive workplace culture.

“Greenpark values diversity – our team members bring expertise from across APAC,” says Fe. “We challenge the outdated notions that women cannot be in leadership roles because they’re too sensitive or too emotional. Women make great leaders, exactly because they are empathetic to people’s needs and growth.”


This article has been featured in Content Marketing Association and Marketech APAC.