Fe Husaint is grit, gut, and grace in female form. Her Fe-nominal rise through the ranks is a testimony to her hardwork, talent, and leadership. From Greenpark employee no. 1 to Account Director (2018), Brand & Strategy Director (2019), Creative & Global Brand Head (2021), Deputy Managing Director (2022), and now the Managing Director (2023), the youngest and only Asian, female Group Managing Partner.

Fe’s objective is to continue growing the business by growing the team, client relationships and embracing innovation to improve efficiencies, value adds and launch new future-forward services to enhance, strengthen and differentiate Greenpark’s offer. Fe believes in creating a unique, diverse, and creative culture that embraces experts across APAC—regardless of gender or ethnicity. She believes in being a strategic partner to clients, who can offer innovative, creative solutions that are meaningful and impactful. Her vision is to produce high-performing content that’s cost efficient, agile and creative.


Source: Campaign Asia’s Women Leading Change