Companies who are in sync with how happy their employees are, tend to know that this contributes to overall trust in the company, fostering loyalty and building culture – but how can companies have their finger on the pulse of employee happiness?

As a people-centric company, Greenpark LATAM wanted to know exactly this and embarked on a journey to find the best way to ensure that Greenpark is a great place to work.

Enter the Great Place to Work Certification. 

Suenia Ribeiro, Head of People in LATAM, shares her pride in being awarded the Great Places to Work certification.

We are very proud to receive this certification. We feel recognised by our employees for our efforts to promote a culture of respect, innovation and development. It also represents an important milestone for our employer brand, publicly showing our commitment to the well-being of our employees. We believe that a healthy environment is essential for the growth of both the business and the professionals who work within it.

Getting a Great Place to Work Certification: How does it work?

Getting certified means that a company gets recognised if it truly creates an outstanding employee experience. To decide this, there is a two-step process that includes surveying your employees and completing a short questionnaire about your workforce.

This, in turn, will give your company the Great Place to Work Trust Index™. This translates back to the key pillars of trust, and how leaders are building trust: credibility, respect and fairness. The other part of the survey covers how employees relate to their colleagues, measuring pride and a sense of belonging.

Once these surveys are done, the company will know its cultural strengths and weaknesses, what causes employees to leave and how to keep talent. It will also help the company to strengthen what the company stands for – the social purpose, mission, vision and values that help to build community and inspires workplace pride.

Aoife O’Sullivan, Global Chief People Officer reflects on what this certification means for the business.

From Greenpark’s side, now is the time to create an action plan to increase our scores in some areas – and look more deeply at any communication biases that exist within departments versus the greater company. With this plan, we will aim to improve any less than excellent scores but also work hard to enhance what we do well already

The desire to always progress, to do and be better drives Greenpark’s leaders like Rodrigo Ribeiro, Partner and Managing Director of Greenpark LATAM.

Greenpark will also continue with our ongoing listening approach and will be focusing on fostering a sense of belonging to involve our employees to address any improvements that we can make in specific areas of the business. We encourage collaboration with the Human Resources team to create this action plan focused on strategic communication, innovation, recognition, collaboration and leadership.

At Greenpark, we strive, acting together with kindness and getting this certification is a great step towards meeting our values to create a great place to work for employees.