In the age of instant access and information overload, consumers connect with brands that directly address their needs. Purposeful content performs the most effectively because it answers burning questions, reduces clutter, adds value, and ultimately, generates business.

Purposeful content is inspirational, educational, and entertaining – far more compelling than content that just sells. Consumers now expect brands to live more responsibly and prefer companies whose content goes beyond the corporate check list. The goal is to be authentic and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Brands who succeed at this build deeper, stronger, higher-quality consumer relationships. This translates into results: action, conversion, high performance, and customer delight.

As one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the world. Green Park Content has relaunched with a dynamic new proposition that puts purposeful omnichannel content at its core. This bold move was inspired by their brand publishing portfolio, with the likes of All things Hair, BEAUTYHUB.PH and for Unilever’s wide portfolio of brands. These hubs demonstrate the impact of meaningful content on brand equity and brand love – like All things Hair, a disruptor in the beauty space that now services 11 markets in 6 languages. Several of the firm’s managed platforms have generated 30-40% CTR from their content to relevant product links, directly contributing to sales—and to happy, loyal customers.

Greenpark Builds Differentiation & Purpose Through Powerful Rebrand

Rebranding as Greenpark, the multiple-award-winning content marketing specialist is gearing up for hyper-growth of its business, talent, and clientele in the global market and has unveiled a newly minted brand book, including a logo update and visual identity refresh.

Greenpark was founded in 2015 with one mission: to transform some of the world’s most powerful companies into audience-first brand publishers. Today, Greenpark specialises in needs-led content for both search and social, capturing consumer interests and providing solutions to their challenges. With over 100 content hubs and brand sites under its management, the agency achieves over 200 million organic sessions annually, driving up to 5X higher ROI and saving clients millions of dollars in paid media.

“In 2023, our newly rebranded Greenpark and brand proposition will strengthen our competitive edge. By leveraging our creative, strategic and technical expertise to double down on purposeful content that makes a difference in people’s lives, we can help more brands live their purpose through digital channels to drive quality engagement with consumers, higher conversions and achieve commercial objectives. As a business culture, we strive and act together in our ambition to make a positive impact for the people and brands we serve, we do everything with kindness at the core – these are the values that guide us at Greenpark,” says Sven Lung, Founder & CEO, Greenpark.

Greenpark Spearheads Growth with Expanded Insights, Creative, Strategic & AI Capabilities

Greenpark’s relaunch will ensure the firm can help more brands explore and fully embrace their purpose through its data-driven, omnichannel approach to drive quality consumer engagement, spike conversions, and achieve commercial objectives.

Parallel to its rebranding, Greenpark’s innovation and strategic diversification now extends to the latest in artificial intelligence. Its “Generative AI” creative solution enhances content output while delivering time and cost savings for clients. By marrying state-of-the-art marketing tech with human expertise, Greenpark cements its status as a brand publishing pioneer—and a purveyor of award-winning content.

Greenpark have also built a dedicated Insights division integrated with its established SEO expertise to drive impactful strategies across search and social to deepen cross-platform audience insights. Finally, the remit and capabilities of the agency’s tech arm have strengthened to include ultra-fast headless websites for next-level user experience and brand-to-consumer connections.


This article has been featured in Adobo Magazine and Marketech APAC.