Greenpark, the rapidly growing, SEO-driven, global brand publishing experts, has helped Unilever Beauty and Personal Care launch BeautyHub.PH content hub, to champion a new, inclusive beauty for everyone. BeautyHub.PH is Unilever Philippines contribution to Unilever’s global commitment to positive beauty.

BeautyHub.PH – The Everyday Beauty Expert

BeautyHub.PH is a new online publication that aims to become everyone’s beauty expert, providing beauty, wellness, and grooming advice to people of all colours and shapes.

Unilever’s latest content hub champions inclusivity and equal representation for all, encouraging everyone to ‘be their own kind of beautiful’. The online destination seeks to redefine beauty standards and celebrate body diversity by shining light on every skin tone, age group and hair needs. BeautyHub.PH leads all towards greater self-care and self-love through interesting and informative content that range from practical tips, how-to guides, interviews and inspirational articles about beauty, wellness and lifestyle.

“We’re proud to have this incredible opportunity to produce Unilever Philippines’ brand-new content platform,” said Greenpark Asia Managing Director Marcelo Bittencourt. “BeautyHub.PH will bridge between Unilever’s products and its audiences through insightful storytelling that delivers value and promotes inclusivity and diversity.”

From embracing stretch marks to achieving glowing brown skin, BeautyHub.PH offers advice that is relatable, uplifting and speaks to all concerns. The online publication aims to inspire confidence and improve people’s perspectives about their skin, hair and bodies to challenge stereotypes and redefine beauty standards. BeautyHub.PH is led by a dedicated editorial team that is managed by Greenpark and hosts wide-ranging content curated and written by in-house editors, celebrities, KOLs and beauty experts.

The BeautyHub.PH experience breaks the mould of beauty standards with content that makes everyone feel seen and proud of their uniqueness. The content hub features 18 Unilever brands (AXE, Black & White, Clear, Closeup, Dove, Dove Men, Baby Dove, Eskinol, Lifebuoy, Love Beauty Planet, Master, Ponds, Ponds Men, Rexona, Sunsilk, TRESemme, Vaseline and Vitakeratin).

Male Grooming – Everyday Expert Advice from MANifesto.PH

As men increasingly embrace male grooming, Greenpark also worked with Unilever to create MANifesto.PH an online publication that focuses on men’s care, providing practical tips and advice on grooming, wellness, and other male concerns. The digital destination aims to encourage men to take better care of their skin, hair and overall health.

Francis Almirante, Digital Transformation Manager, Unilever Philippines (Beauty and Personal Care) said: “Greenpark is a thought leader in SEO and content – they have a keen understanding of how search intent can dictate strategic paths for our brands to influence consumer behaviour.

Greenpark & Unilever’s BeautyHub

Greenpark worked on BeautyHub.PH and MANifesto.PH for over a year, with a scope of work that included branding, UX and UI design, content strategy, SEO and SEO-driven content creation, from strategy to execution, copywriting, editorial and final delivery. Both projects are build using the next generation “Headless CMS.”  BeautyHub.PH is Greenpark’s eighth content hub, since the company was launched in Asia, four years ago.

Creative & Brand Strategy Director for Greenpark APAC, Fe Husaint, who was also recently shortlisted for Women Leading Change of the Year by Campaign Asia, said “Greenpark is privileged to help Unilever deliver this purposeful project to shape a world that champions inclusivity & diversity. So we are proud to work on the brand identity and communication strategy for BeautyHub.PH.”

BeautyHub.PH and MANifesto.PH represents a move by Unilever towards brand publishing, using SEO-driven editorial and content. Both hubs aim to help customers in their search journey, making Unilever personal care brands have greater discoverability using the power of search. Of the 70 million beauty and personal care searches in the Philippines, paths which contain a search touchpoint are twice as likely to end in a purchase. Editorial and brand publishing portals are the optimal way to establish credibility, more engaging storytelling and foster a relationship between a brand and target audience, based on a need, and a non-negotiable channel to gather first-party consumer data.

Both BeautyHub.PH and MANifesto.PH sites have been designed to deliver a strong organic audience for Unilever Beauty and Personal Care brands, which return again and again. Beauty.Hub.PH and MANifesto.PH, have been created and designed to ensure increased discoverability, turning customer search intent into consideration and conversion. Through the power of SEO-driven keywords and trending keywords, BeautyHub.PH and MANifesto.PH have a wide range of evergreen, reactive and campaign-orientated discoverable content.  In true magazine and brand publishing style, all content is intent-led, with the brands woven in seamlessly into the narrative.

Visit and to discover inspiring and sustainable beauty and grooming articles inclusive to all.


This article has been featured in Campaign Asia and Marketech APAC.