Greenpark has announced an increased commitment to give back to the community and create a social impact amongst the organisation, employees and the community.

Greenpark partners with the United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS), to promote Women’s Economic Empowerment as an anchor towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 5, Gender Equality. Greenpark plans to execute this through their Greenpark for Good initiative.

Greenpark’s vision is to create meaningful connections that would impact people’s lives, and through Greenpark for Good, the company established The Good Pillars: Create for Good, Donate for Good, and Inspire for Good.

  • Create for Good drives to harness their talents to create content for a good cause;
  • Donate for Good aims to pool their material resources through donation drives or volunteering time;
  • Inspire for Good aims to share their expertise in SEO, tech, and content through workshops and webinars.

Greenpark had an open brief for this initiative where its talents volunteered their time and efforts to work on this campaign. The collaboration is coordinated in the spirit of the Women’s Economic Empowerment in the agriculture sector, particularly in developing countries.

Aligning with the 2022 International Women’s Day theme #BreakTheBias – Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow, the UNFSS will present the findings of an upcoming report on “Exploring the role of Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) for Women’s Economic Empowerment in the agriculture sector in developing countries”.

Addressing this collaboration, Creative and Global Brand Head of Greenpark and Greenpark for Good Programme Leader Fe Husaint comments, “We are excited to have this opportunity to work with the UNFSS and to discuss some of the issues affecting women worldwide. Greenpark is first and foremost about purpose-driven work, and we are honoured to be a partner of the UNFSS in boosting Women’s Economic Empowerment through leveraging VSS. We aim to develop an impactful campaign through a compelling and creative narrative.”

The report aims to inform the global community on the opportunities that can derive from leveraging VSS for gender equality. VSS has been complied through global supply chains around the world as an instrument to drive sustainability in its production processes. Addressing some of the key issues that women face in supply chains through VSS criteria is one way gender equality can be achieved.

Women typically perform many tasks. In many instances, they are also household caregivers, which generally reduces their time to perform paid work, thus, reducing their power in household finances and, consequently, reducing their voice agency in decision-making. VSS may address some of these issues indirectly through supply chains by providing them with some means of income stream, but the more significant problems need to be addressed at the policy level.

unfss vss wee event

Through this research, the UNFSS hopes to present the findings and discuss the topic during International Women’s Day, scheduled to be held virtually on 8 March 2022. Santiago Fernandez de Cordoba, Senior Economist and UNFSS Coordinator, UNCTAD and Mercedes Araoz Fernandez, Former Vice President of Peru and Co-Chair of the UNFSS Academic Advisory Council, will open the event. Niematallah E. A. Elamin, Economist at UNCTAD, will present “Exploring the role of Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) for Women’s Economic Empowerment in the agriculture sector in developing countries.”

Santiago Fernandez de Cordoba says, “UNFSS looks forward to heightening its goal of bridging gaps and informing the global community on what we can do to improve gender equality through VSS and international trade. This year, we partnered with Greenpark to help us better communicate this goal to the larger public. It is important for UNFSS to maintain inclusivity in our channels of communication, ensuring no one is left behind. ”

This initiative strives to increase awareness on gender equality through VSS. With this partnership, Greenpark strategises and develops creative communications through a digital and social campaign, including event branding and marketing collaterals.