As a passionate leader and relationship builder, Rodrigo constantly seeks out opportunities to develop and scale his clients’ business. Outside Greenpark, you’ll find him enjoying life as a father to his 4-year-old son, practicing martial arts, or at a house in the countryside holidaying with his family.

Wanting to know more about GPC’s newest leader, we asked Rodrigo five questions.

1. Tell us a bit about your career up to this point.

I began my career in 2003, starting in digital with a strong focus on operations, controls and processes. Over my career, I got closer to the business side, in order to deliver demand to the internal team in an optimised and feasible way. Gradually I moved into the client relationship space and since then, my greatest satisfaction is working on strategic projects with the client, seeking ways to scale their business.

A career highlight, something that others may remember and what I’m very proud of, was being involved in the creation of a new business model in the digital market for Ipiranga gas stations in Brazil. The project was called “Km de Vantagens” (Km of advantage). When consumers used the brand’s physical services, they were rewarded digitally and could redeem rewards the more they engaged with the brand. This has since become a product in the company and a Brazilian business case that changed gamification in the market, as well as a strategy widely used by big brands today.

2. Are there any industry trends that interest you at the moment?

Undoubtedly, the technology and data pillars are, I believe, the most important. In the Latam market where digital maturity is low, when we talk about the combination of technology and its optimisations combined with data analysis to generate insights for the business, it is incredibly powerful. This is what motivates me the most in the world of Greenpark.

3. Do you have a mantra or piece of advice you live by?

Transparency, agility and learning are my mantras. We are in constant evolution of knowledge, therefore, being close to the client and understanding how to demystify their real problems in a transparent and realistic way, is how we can help them achieve their goals. We do this in the most effective and agile way possible by activating responsive and collaborative thinking. At each stage, I openly receive feedback to learn and adapt for self and team development. These three points I put into every activity of my work.

4. Any tips for young talent starting out?

Be open to learning, seek out collaboration opportunities, be calm in every step you take and treat your deliveries to clients as if they were for your company. Success comes organically when everyone along the way gains and evolves.

5. Finally, tell us some fun facts about yourself.

  • I love being an entrepreneur, I have had more than ten businesses and currently I have three
  • I am part of a family of martial artists, and I have been in the Brazilian taekwondo team for 12 years
  • I have a degree in physical education in addition to my specialisations in technology and marketing
  • I’ve been playing drums since I was 12 years old
  • I hate gym but I love to play sports
  • I trained with Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris

Bonus question. Please introduce us to your four-legged friend!

I have a 5-year-old English bulldog puppy. Shameless, playful, super active and fitness, she makes our lives happy with her enthusiasm and shenanigans during the day. We love to walk with her. She loves receiving affection, loves humans and never gets tired of playing.

rodrigo's dog