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For All Things Hair to become the leading, beauty-led destination for haircare inspiration, queries and solutions, and to conquer the organic search landscape globally for Unilever.


With deep audience insights, SEO content optimisation and fast-paced tech at its core, ATH taps into billions of unbranded, hair-related search terms to create needs-led and inspiring content, whilst showcasing Unilever’s portfolio of hair products.

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What We Did

All Things Hair has over 17K SEO articles providing readers with honest reviews, informative content, latest trends and topical conversations around hair – empowering them to explore their authentic selves. With an always-on approach, audience and channel insights inform impartial editorial written by hair experts to help audiences along their hair journey. Continuous SEO content optimisation alongside tech updates are crucial to maintaining superior quality, and boosting high keyword rankings, organic search visibility and reader engagement.


All Things Hair has achieved monumental global audience growth and engagement YoY since its inception in 2016. The hub welcomes tens-of-millions of organic users to the 11 sites every year, and ranks in the top 1-10 keyword positions on Google for over 43K haircare and hairstyles. All Things Hair owns majority share of search and has higher organic site performance than Unilever’s own hair brand sites, proving the power of an audience-first, agnostic content space. In 2022, organic traffic sessions achieved are equivalent to spending £26.9M on paid media for the same results. The hub has zero reliance on paid media to generate traffic, rankings and search visibility, delivering huge savings for Unilever.


Greenpark is an excellent content partner. Their quality of work continues to impress, leading to Greenpark being one of our most important Content partners, both strategically and operationally. We look forward to continuing our partnership to scale the opportunities and the results further.

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Carlo Maria Ferrari, Global Content Lead at Sanofi

Greenpark has a rare knowledge of both creative and technical topics with a true consumer mindset. They have been one of the easiest agencies to work with, delivering super quality.

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Jeremie Moritz, Global Consumer Engagement Senior Director at Campari Group

WOW! The content and SEO audit is super detailed, very actionable, has insightful best practices and recommendations that are easy to follow. It’s a masterpiece. Many thanks to the analyst team who worked on it, it wasn’t an easy task, but the result is great!

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Sara Ferreria, Digital Marketing Manager at Vaseline

Greenpark have become a great partner very quickly, I appreciate that the team always do their best to deliver and provide good insights for some of the challenges we face. I’m looking forward to further partnerships with the team.

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Shantee Lim, Group Digital Marketing Manager at AIA

Strategy, creative and providing solutions are Greenpark’s core strength. Greenpark understands where the world of marketing is going and executed it creatively, effectively and efficiently. In markets where speed and scale are required and rewarded Greenpark does that in style.

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John Caro, Head of Marketing SEANA at RELX International

Greenpark has been instrumental in making the launch of Recipedia in the Philippines a big success. On top of their expertise in SEO and Content, the team brought together members from across the globe to work and cross-pollinate learnings for this project. Recipedia’s future success will always be guided by the principles and guardrails set by the experts of Greenpark. 

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Micol Cansino, Channel Specialist at Unilever Nutrition SEA

Consistently over-achieving traffic targets! Go BeautyHub Team!!! 

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Almirante Francis, Southeast Asia Content and Partnerships Lead at Unilever

Greenpark is modern and forward-thinking in their approach. They squeeze value out of everything they do. One video is looked at and repurposed into 100 different assets if it’s possible. They understand the modern digital landscape and are moving along with it, that can’t be said for all agencies.

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Lynn Gately, Digital Engagement & Content Manager at UFS for UFS Academy

Clarins, as a brand, has been by women's side since 1954. Beauty Daily epitomises this relationship with a destination hub that answers all their big (and small) beauty and wellness questions. We liaise with talented editors and writers who understand the brand and user intent comprehensively and emotionally - to create connections and tell a really engaging story.

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Emilie Maunoury, Digital, Ecommerce and CRM Director at Clarins

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