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To challenge outdated beauty standards and encourage women to celebrate their uniqueness, with the battle cry ‘be your own beautiful’. 


The creation of a publisher platform BeautyHub – a digital space that champions positive beauty, rewriting the rules on how Filipino women should act, look and be through empowering stories and self-care, beauty and wellness content.

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What We Did

BeautyHub.PH provides expert information on inclusive beauty trends while celebrating all beauty. We have published over 800 SEO articles covering skin, hair, fitness, well-being, and lifestyle that seamlessly incorporate relevant brands while staying focused on issues that matter to the target audience.  BeautyHub.PH produces regular sections including “Ask the Expert”, a breakdown of complex beauty concerns, “Getting Unready”, an unfiltered look into celebrities embracing natural beauty, and “Unhindered Conversations”, real stories of Filipina empowerment. 


BeautyHub.PH enjoys impressive visibility in organic search, a steady flow of sizeable organic traffic hitting up to 100K sessions a year, and an impressive engagement rate thanks to the quality and relevance of the content. BeautyHub.PH ranks for over 55K keywords, showing a 32.57% increase in keywords ranking in the top 100 on Google. BeautyHub.PH is without a doubt becoming a trusted and authentic resource for all Filipina women. 


Consistently over-achieving traffic targets! Go BeautyHub Team!!! 

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Almirante Francis, Southeast Asia Content and Partnerships Lead at Unilever

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